The Carte Blanche menu is the tasting proposal available exclusively for lunch at the 2 Michelin Star Santa Elisabetta Restaurant in the historic centre of Florence. It includes three surprise courses created by Chef Rocco De Santis and it has been designed to accompany guests who are approaching starred or gourmet cuisine for the first time.

We want to live you your first experience in a Michelin restaurant as a journey, in a path made of pleasant sensations and emotions, in a welcoming location and dispelling the false myths related to gourmet cuisine, without the stress of having to choose from the menu. The restaurant team wants to feel you completely at ease in an intimate atmosphere like that of the Torre della Pagliazza where the Santa Elisabetta Restaurant is located.



Upon arrival at the table, the guests is asked if they have any particular preferences, if there is an ingredient they want or, on the contrary, they absolutely don’t want, as well as information on any food intolerances.

On these indications, the Chef will create dishes according to his inspiration using the best seasonal raw materials available. In addition to the three main courses, the Carte Blanche menu also includes delicious amuse bouche and a pre dessert.

Amuse bouche are small courses that are served at the beginning of the meal. Literally translated from French, the term means “enjoy your mouth” and these delicious tastings offer a preview of a chef’s meal, techniques, ingredients and cooking philosophy. They can range from very different foods, but they usually always represent a clue of what you will be consuming at the table. They have now become an inevitable course in every starred restaurant.

The three main courses are usually dishes selected from the restaurant card or instant artistic expression of the Chef.

Usually one of the desserts made by the talented Pastry Chef Francesco De Padova is not missing.

Moreover, we also invite you to give carte blanche also to our Sommelier Lorenzo Paoli and to the Restaurant Manager Alessandro Fè who will be able to select for you the most suitable wines for the courses made by the Chef and offer you an oenological itinerary at a low price without unpleasant surprises in the final bill and without the stress of choosing the correct wine to match.


The “first Michelin experience” could be a perfect gift idea for any special occasion. Usually, lunch does not last too long but we hope to make you spend pleasant moments and let the time go by without you noticing.

For information or reservations for lunch with Carte Blanche menu you can contact us by phone at 0039 055 2737673, by email at or book directly online with immediate confirmation on the day you prefer.


The Santa Elisabetta Restaurant is open for lunch from 12.30 to 14.00 and for dinner from 19.30 to 22.00 from Tuesday to Saturday.

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