This year, Chef Rocco De Santis, at the 2 Michelin Star Santa Elisabetta Restaurant, in the 2021 Guide, has created a tasty Christmas recipe to try at home: Egg pasta donut, chimichurri, winter mushrooms and mushroom sauce.

“I have always associated stuffed pasta with festive occasions, on Sundays, when sharing special dishes that cannot be eaten every day. I particularly like to see this dish on the table on the special occasion of Christmas with the people I have in my heart”.

Chef Rocco De Santis


Why do not try making our starred chef’s Christmas recipe at home?

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For the egg pasta

800-gr weak flour (or less than 170)

500-gr egg yolk

1 sachet of saffron

2/3 drops of vinegar

For the chimichurri sauce

1oo gr of parsley

60-gr green onion

3 cloves of garlic

Peel of half a lemon

10 gr fresh oregano

Mugnaia sauce

1 piece of fish bone

1 lemon peel

1 sprig of thyme

1 clove of garlic

Sparkling water

Capers to taste

Peeled lemon

For the filling

1 kg of veal tongue

Celery, carrots, onions to taste

100-gr tomato concentrate

1 bay leaf

1 piece of whole capon

50-gr parmesan cheese

50-gr pecorino cheese

1 egg yolk

For the mushroom sauce

200-gr of brown mushrooms

200-gr of dried porcini mushrooms



For the filling: blanch the veal tongue in salted water with celery, carrots and onions for about 2 hours.

Fry celery, carrots, onions, bay leaves and brown the capon pulp (breast and thighs). Wet with red wine, add the tomato paste and the pulp of the previously cooked veal tongue. Leave to simmer for about 6 hours. Once overcooked, with the help of a whisk, mix everything well until you get a soft dough. Combine parmesan and pecorino cheese and an egg yolk. Place in a pastry bag and leave to rest.

For the egg pasta: prepare the egg pasta by combining all the ingredients. Once ready, put it under vacuum for about 6 hours to let it rest.

For the mugnaia sauce: drain the bones of a sea bass under water (but a turbot is also fine) to remove impurities.

In a cast iron pot or a rondò (low saucepan), combine all the ingredients and cover flush with the sparkling water. Put a lid on and let it go for about 2 hours over a very low heat, until you get a very intense fish essence. Filter everything.

Separately, prepare a base with oil, poached garlic, capers and raw peeled lemon wedges. Fry a little and add the fish essence. Leave to cook until the capers are overcooked. Allow to cool and with the help of a blender, blend everything until a smooth and homogeneous cream is obtained.

Place it in a kitchen bottle and set aside.

For the chimichurri sauce: blanch all the ingredients, combine everything in a glass of the pacojet and put in a blast chiller. Mix 3 times to obtain a smooth and homogeneous sauce.

For the mushroom sauce: brown the mushrooms with oil and butter. Wet with dried porcini water and add them. Cover and allow reducing until you get an intense mushroom sauce.

To prepare the donuts: with a pasta machine, roll out the egg pasta and with the help of a ruler; obtain a sheet 17 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Put the filling, close like a cannoli and with the help of a savarin mould, close into a donut. Fasten the edges by hand to close the donut.

For serving: blanch the donut in boiling salted water for about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, in a pan, add the mushroom sauce in which to glaze the donut. Place it in the centre of a plate. Garnish with the mugnaia sauce, the chimichurri sauce, a powder of capers and finally a light spoonful of mushroom sauce.

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