This month we present you the saffron bread of the Pastry Chef Francesca Benedettelli. In addition to making delicious desserts, our Pastry Chef likes to experiment with new, sweet and savoury leavened products. Here you will find the recipe for one of her favourite breads, flavoured with saffron. A recipe to try at home with secrets and haute cuisine tips.


200gr flour 0
300gr flour type 1
300gr of water
100gr liquid mother yeast
8gr salt
5/6 saffron pistils


First of all, we proceed with autolysis for at least 2 hours, using all the flour and 270 grams of water, to allow greater absorption of liquids and better development of the dough, giving it more extensibility and workability.

You create an infusion with 30 grams of hot water and the saffron pistils and leave it cool.

Then, we proceed by inserting the freshened liquid mother yeast 4 hours before, the 30 g of water with the saffron pistils and finally the salt. Knead it until the dough is perfectly strung, smooth and homogeneous.

Place the dough in a container and left to rest for about half an hour at 24°/26° covered with a cloth.

At this point, give two rounds of wallet folds every 30/40 minutes and then leave rise the dough for at least 2 hours at 24°/26°.

After this time, we proceed to give shape to the bread, pour it onto the floured work surface trying not to pull it and deflate it, spread it out slightly with your hands and roll the dough without crushing it but making force with the fingertips towards the indoor.

Then place the loaf in the leavening basket with the folds closed upwards, covered with a cloth and placed in the refrigerator at 4° for at least 12 hours.

After this time, the basket is removed from the refrigerator and the dough is turned upside down on a sheet of baking paper, a half centimetre incision is made along the entire length of the loaf and proceed to bake at 230° for 20 minutes, subsequently lowering to 200° for 30 minutes and 160° for another 10 minutes.

Once cooked, leave it cool completely on a grill.

pane con zafferano

Credits: Sandra Pilacchi

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