Our Restaurant Manager Alessandro Fè presents a new wine selected from the cellar of the 2 Michelin Star Santa Elisabetta Restaurant. Every month we invite you to discover an oenological journey made of research on the territory to select the best Italian and international bottles to offer to the restaurant’s guests.

This month we propose the 2015 Sammarco of Castello dei Rampolla, a farm in Case Sparse in Panzano in Chianti, home of the black rooster.

Among the many wineries in the area, in Castello dei Rampolla, you can discover how the latest agronomic trends related to the world of wine were already implemented for many years without too many flag-waving.

The vineyards have been there since the beginning, in 1965. Biodynamic management in total fusion with nature.

Various herbs, flowers and spontaneous aromatic plants meander in the rows and the activities in the vineyard are different every year, not standardized, precisely because they must follow the climatic trend of each specific year.

Walking through the estate we arrive at the first vineyard planted with Petiti Verdot clones arrived directly from Bordeaux, vines that have followed their natural development, without constraints, and today appear to us as robust dancers who seem to dance on the earth, pushed by the wind.

vigna castello dei rampolla

The label on which we will focus today is Sammarco, precisely because with its blend of grapes it has eradicated any preconception linked to this mix of grapes in this area.

Cabernet sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot which first stay 3 months in cement, then 15 months in lightly toasted tonneaux plus 2 years in bottle.

Fine and fresh aromas of the undergrowth, with a deep and intense colour. It has specific aromas of the soil and ripe fruit, present and robust tannins.

Wine with an astounding evolutionary capacity.

cantina castello dei rampolla

The wines presented by Alessandro Fè will soon be on sale in our online shop and available in the wine list at the reopening of the restaurant.

sammarco castello dei rampolla

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