With a new cellar and a renewed kitchen, the 1 Michelin Star Santa Elisabetta Restaurant in Florence reopens with the tasty spring menu by Chef Rocco De Santis.

The intimate atmosphere of the Byzantine Tower of Pagliazza with only seven tables in the historic centre of Florence is the perfect choice for an important occasion or simply to find out the cuisine of the young Chef from Salerno.

The Santa Elisabetta Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, for both lunch and dinner.

You can choose from the menu or from different tasting menus with or without wine pairings.

At lunch:
3-course “History”,
3 course “Carte Blanche” chosen by the Chef.

At lunch and dinner:
5-course “Traces of Innovation”,
7-course “In-Contaminations”,
9-course “Chef Experience”.



Chef De Santis’ menu changes every season, skilfully combining seasonal and natural raw materials with refined products of the highest quality. Its Mediterranean cuisine is innovative but respects the tradition. The memories of the chef’s land of origin, Campania, are present in the flavours of dishes such as “Cappelletti … souvenir of Sunday” (Cappelletti pasta filled with Ricotta di Bufala cheese, intensity of Neapolitan ragout). The contaminations of Tuscan cuisine are visible in dishes such as “Sea bass Mugnaia style”, Pappa al Pomodoro, Leaves of the field”.

The wine pairings from the new open cellar are handled by the Room Manager Alessandro Fe.

You can book tables and tasting menus directly online from our official website.



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